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 Rules of the forums

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PostSubject: Rules of the forums   May 30th 2013, 9:52 pm

Hello and welcome to The Chosen Ones! We're a fun and friendly guild with a focus on having a good time.

1. The biggest rule is respect. You don't have to like what someone is doing. As long as they aren't harming anyone, leave them be. Everyone's just here to have a good time. Name calling is for children, and since we don't invite children to the guild, there should be none of that.

2. Yes, we do allow roleplaying of your Guild Wars 2 characters. No, this is not the place for your Naruto/Twilight/Disney/etc. roleplay. Anything that is of a sexual nature should be taken to private messaging. If seen in the forums, you will be given one warning. After that, your thread will be removed.

More rules might be added, if needed. Honestly, just use common sense, and everything should be fine.
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Rules of the forums
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